pregnancy hormones, irritable, uncomfortable and a boyfriend who doesnt understand why im so moody

Gabrielle - posted on 06/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am 37 weeks pregnant, i have a hard time sleeping at night, so i take naps in the day, i am irritable most of the time, and my boyfriend gets aggravted with me when i am moody. I get really sensitive and cry when hes irritated after work, he works 930 to 930 6 days a week.

I always accuse him of cheating, only because i feel so unattractive and dont want him to touch me, we havent had sex in over 2 months... i want these feelings to subside, so he can feel appreciative and not like he hasnt done anything good for us.


Michelle - posted on 06/17/2012




For starters, unless you have evidence that he is cheating please stop accusing him of it. You may feel unattractive but it does not mean he finds you unattractive.

Yes when we are heavily pregnant we feel like a whale and wonder how anyone could love us like that but it's the miracle of growing a baby. You will be tired and get uncomfortable and well and truely NOT feel like having sex. I know some women have a higher sex drive while pregnant but I surely didn't. I was HUGE and it was uncomfortable and painful. That's why my first husband DID cheat though.

You only have a few weeks to go so I suggest sitting down with hubby and having a good heart to heart about what and how you are feeling. He will never understand entirely but he may not know exactly how you are feeling at the moment.


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Ashley - posted on 06/18/2012




you will get over these feelings and such in a bit by one cure,,childbirth. Hang in there.

Gabrielle - posted on 06/18/2012




yes this is our first, we do pamper ourselves, i go for a mani pedi every week, and we both go for massages, mine is prenatal of course lol... i spoke to him last night and he said it makes him helpless and angry when he sees me uncomfortable and in pain. even if i dont say im not feeling well, he says he knows it. and it hurts that theres nothing he can do except rub my feet and legs. i guess its a manly thing, they want to fix everything and pregnancy is one thing he cant fix and let nature take its course.

Jenni - posted on 06/17/2012




I know how you feel. :( Hormones, feeling unattractive and being uncomfortable made me wackadoodle at the end of my pregnancies. Even though my husband understood *why* it still didn't make it easier to deal with me! Looking back though, he was so incredibly patient with me and I thanked him over and over again for that.

I guess the best advice I can give is when you start feeling out of sorts to try your best to remind yourself that your hormones are just amplifying your emotions. If you need to cry, just let it all out! I think I cried more at the end of my pregnancies than I did in my entire life. It will also be quite an adjustment when you get the flood of hormones post birth plus your body trying to get back to normal after pregnancy. Just keep reminding yourself it's all part of the process and we all go through the same thing. There's nothing the matter with you, what you're experiencing is completely normal.

Is this your first? I would take this time before birth to pamper yourself and your boyfriend (your relationship with him). Take nice warm, relaxing bubble baths when you feel overwhelmed. They always did wonders for my mood. Swimming was pure ecstasy near the end (doctor permitting), feeling weightless gave great relief from my aches and pains. You could go to the spa and get therapeutic massages. And set aside date nights with your boyfriend where you do something nice and romantic together, something special. Make sure you talk to your boyfriend about how you're feeling and why and tell him exactly what you need from him. Most men don't like guess work. You'll need to be forward and tell him that you're feeling unattractive to him and that you need him to tell you that you're beautiful and that you need lots of cuddles/affection and reassurance right now. That just that will help improve your mood big time.

Some men (and some women for the matter) get weird about sex in the 3rd trimester. It usually doesn't have anything to do with finding their mate less attractive, just the very apparent presence of the baby. But please, don't accuse him of cheating just to get reassurance from him. You have to tell him what you need from him and why. I'd be completely honest with him and tell him why you've been accusing him and that you are sorry, that it's not the way you should be going about getting your needs met.

Best wishes to you and big (((hugs))).

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