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I recently gave birth (12/30/15) to a beautiful baby boy. Pregnancy went great until my 34 week ultrasound sound. They found that his liver was enlarged. Everything else looked fine except he wasn't moving as much as they would like. At 36 weeks they decided to induce so they could figure out what was going on. He came out looking good perfectly normal. They took him to nicu to do blood work to see what was causing the liver to be enlarged. His white blood cell count was extremely high. Platlets were super low. After several test my baby was transferred to a different hospital better equipped and staffed take care of him. He was finally diagnosed with ALL leukemia. I was devistated. The acid level in his blood was shutting down his organs. They rushed him in for a complete blood exchange. He made it through that. Everything started going up from there. I was finally able to start feeding my baby after a week and hold him. Then they started the chemotherapy. He was responding well.and being so strong. A week later (1/14/16 ) his blood counts dropped and he was unable to fight off infections and germs like we normally do everyday. He passed away in my arms in the PICU. Needless to say I was and am still devastated by this loss. Only 1 in 5 million babies are born with leukemia. My husband and I have been seeing a generics counselor to see how likely this would happen again. We were told 98% sure that it would not. It was basically a freak accident and not caused by genetics at all. I saw a psychiatrists, as recommended by my OB and she put me on wellbutrin xl to help me out. She ordered u urine pregnancy test from the lab to be sure I wasn't pregant before taking the wellbutrin. She called the next day and it was negative so I took it about a week and my husband and I talked alot and decided that we wanted to TTC again. I quit taking the wellbutrin just because I didn't want to take any chances on birth defects etc just in case we did get preganant. I have been having alot of butterfly in my stomach and a tad bit nauseous at times so I just decided to take a home pregnancy test just in case they were negative. A couple days later I took another this time the first response brand. To me it looked like a faint positive. So I took another the next morning but this time a digital clear blue and it said not pregnant. So I took another first response and it was another faint line. Can anyone tell me if you think these are positive and how accurate they are. I have found alot of conflicting evidence online. I thought maybe it's detecting left over hcg from my previous pregnancy but if that were the case wouldn't the Dr.s urine test show that up that was taken 2 weeks ago? I don't know I'm confused. Just looking for an outside results advice. I go to the dr in 2 weeks for a checkup. Just don't want to get my hopes up of being pregnant only to be let down by a false positive. Thank you


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Have you missed a period yet? If not, maybe wait until you do to retake a test, or wait a week to re-test. It is more common to get a false negative rather than a false positive. Definitely on the next test use the first urine of the morning because it is the most concentrated with hormones.

I am so sorry for you loss love. That is so completely devastating.

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