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I got my implant taken out on feb 9, I got first period on feb 28 (lasted about 4-5 days) than I took the morning after pill on 27th of March since I had intercourse and then I got my period on the 28th (4-5 days) So far it looks Iike I get my period on the 28th from the pattern I've seen and both periods I had really bad cramps My BF and I have been having unprotected sex since I got my birth control removed and yes we do know the consequences of that. This month I didn't get my period on the 28th I got it on the 30th (Sunday) late afternoon, I bled for 1 1/2 days normal flow on Monday, i had brown/red flow it's Tuesday and I'll I'm getting is light brown/light pink period..Can this be implementation bleeding, possibly pregnant or am I still getting use to my period getting back on track?
Thank you


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Some people make no sense. Let's remove my birth control, but then take the morning after pill because I fear I might be pregnant. Hello! Use protection if you don't want to be pregnant also use a condom so you don't get a std.


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Sarah - posted on 05/04/2016




My head is spinning. For crying out loud take a test if you are worried. Why did you take the Morning After pill just to continue to have unprotected sex? Do you want a child? What will you do if you are pregnant?

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I'm wondering why the birth control was removed only to use the morning after pill...

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Getting off birth control can make your period do weird things. And, the "morning after" pill or Plan B pill is very hard on your body. Implantation bleeding is generally very light bleeding, and normally wouldn't be confused with a normal period. Sometimes you can have periodic bleeding throughout the pregnancy and no one ever knows why. But its not a "period" (menstrual cycle) because that would cause shedding of the lining of the uterus which would not happen if a baby were attached. But, as Michelle pointed out, random strangers on the internet can't tell you if you're pregnant. If you might be pregnant and are experiencing any bleeding, you should talk to your doctor.

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2016




We have no idea. Take a test or see your doctor. It doesn't matter how much detail you go in to, we can't do the test for you. That's the only way to know for sure.
Please don't rely on the morning after pill for birth control, use condoms if you don't want to fall pregnant.

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