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Hello, I just started this new birth control a month and 3 days ago, it's called lessina 28. I was on a different one before and they changed me at my year check up. That was crytselle 28. Well I haven't had my period. I'm 6 days late. But I did not miss any pills what's so ever. I Did Have A Very Light Bleeding For A Week Days Before I Was Suppose To Start. Then it was time for me period and BAM nothing. I have took a lot of pregnancy test in the mornings and everything and they all say negative. Could I be pregnant and it too soon to tell or its just my body getting use to the pills,? Thanks! And u do have a 2 year old if that helps any!


Kelly - posted on 03/07/2014




I was first put on birth control pills (can't remember the name) when on it I never had my periods, I decided to switch from the pill to an IUD and never got my period with that either. I had my son about 6 months ago and opted for the IUD again, and since having that I have not had my period. each person's body responds differently to those things, your body may not have it's normal cycle while on it. if it gives you peace of mind wait a few weeks and then take another test, if it comes back negative I wouldn't keep stressing it :)


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Jodi - posted on 03/07/2014




When you change birth control pill, even if you start them one after the other, you should be using a back up barrier method birth control too (eg. condoms). You may be pregnant you may not be. I'd wait for another week and test again. But it may also just be the hormonal change. In the meantime, double up your protection.

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