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So I am recently a single mom of 2 and pregnant with my 3rd baby all by the same guy..we recently got back together this year after a whole year apart.He never took care of my two babies I never asked him for anything amd never filed child support on him at the time he had a girlfriebd who also had two kids both girls and was spending his time and money on was a year where he would make things to get me mad or even jealous but when we got back together this year the girl kept on texting and calling and kept just ttying to get him back she even told him she was pregnant..with that being said he left and days later found out that she had "miscarried" all of a sudden he came back and she called him at work letting him know that he was yonna be a dad again...I was giving up but then I thought no he wants to be here and I want my family together as well and no lier was gonna wreck my family again...about a konth later I found out I was pregnant but thatd when all the arguing started thingd just get really bad and we say yhings thay hurt each otger and it has gotten almost four months pregnant and he left a couple of weeks because he needs to "think" I honestly keep trying to fix things but im up to the point where he needs to start showing that he cares for his babies he needs to take responsibilty or else im honna file for child support..should I? He txted me that he wants ro come his stuff from my uouse and I accept it should I just stop showing him that I care? What shouldi do? We want to fix rhongs but we dobt want to go back to the arguing and im done feeling so alone all the time every time he tells ke he needs to think about what he wants..please help me..I just want to enjoy my pregnancy and my babies with or without him


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HIm leaving with another woman when you have 2 babies ...not much to think about. Then to find out he left again.

He needs to put his big boy pants on. you need to let him go. It will be soooo hard and probably the hardest thing you will endure. But you are stronger than him and in time yoiu will see that you will be happy. You will not be alone. The kids will grow and go to school and you will have community around you, you will have friends and perhaps family.

Soon you will find someone else who sees your power, your strength, your honor, your depth. This guy may take a lifetime to even see a glimpse of who you are. You will have moved on when this happens and he will have missed the boat. Go to counseling or a pastor. Check out books they recommend from the library.

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