Pregnant and Breastfeeding, Worried!

Catalina - posted on 04/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just found out I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I'm nursing my 12 month old son.

One of the reasons i suspected i was pregnant was because my milk production had doubled (I know it usually is the opposite!) So, I went to my doctor and He confirmed my pregnancy.

I called my midwife and she assured me that nursing would be fine during my pregnancy, but i googled it and i read this article saying that nipple stimulation can cause a miscarriage!

To add to my stress my son has suddenly started nursing alot more, he wants boob about 5 times a day and all night! he is almost refusing all solids! I'm not sure what to do! Any advice or consolation?

I'm not willing to wean my son!


Stifler's - posted on 04/29/2012




You don't have to wean him just offer more foods so he feeds a bit less and make sure you eat enough food to make enough milk plus feed your body and the baby.

Louise - posted on 04/29/2012




Women have been breastfeeding and pregnant for years.Don't worry about it. Really you only have two weeks to go to be out of early misscarriage danger. It is not very common for a woman to misscarry after 12 weeks.

Just relax. As for your son he is just enjoying your doubled milk production. Try and feed him solids first this should fill him up a bit. He will settle.


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