Pregnant and can hardly eat!!!

Kendra - posted on 12/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is my first pregnancy. I am around 8 weeks pregnant and have 24/7 sickness. I am down 8 lbs in 2 weeks. I cannot take more than 3 sips of any beverage or out it comes. I can eat ice cubes, even tho its horrible for your teeth, and have managed a lime Popsicle. I know everyone will say saltines or potato chips, but I cannot stand the thought of them or even the crinkley wrapper sound. I've tried soups hot and cold. Ginger root and ginger tea. I can sometimes deal with dry toast but even that has a nasty scent that is hard for me to get by. Pretty much the only thing I can keep down is a little fruit. Meaning like half an apple, a few spoonfuls of applesauce, a couple orange slices, 1/4 of a banana, or some watermelon (not all at once).Veggies and meats are out of the question. I did crave steak so we ordered one and I managed half of that down but then it was straight to bed with a horrible stomach ache. I stopped taking my prenatals because my mom and sister both had trouble with theirs while pregnant. I had no problems with them before. My OB prescribed me Zofran and it works off and on. It stops the nausea until I start eating, then it's more torture time. My husband is very worried about me, and I'm struggling to get through the day out of bed.


Peg - posted on 12/03/2013




Usually there is something that you can eat. I am not talking cravings but something that you would ordinarily think as bad for nausea is an item that you actually could keep down. Go for whatever those items are. I could keep sausage paddy or a milk shake down for a few weeks when I was having a hard time. But the things you would imagine working also made me sick. If you are loosing too much weight you need to go back to your doctor. You are still very early, VERY early.

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