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Mariah - posted on 09/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 19 and currently 6 months pregnant. My baby father and me had split up when I was 15 weeks. Since than I have currently moved to a new town about 2 hours away from him and living with my boyfriend who has been my best friend even before I got pregnant. My boyfriend is very supportive and has been there for me through out my whole pregnancy even when I was with the baby father. A month after my baby father and me split he had met a new girl at the "Gathering of Juggalos" but she lives in a different state but is considering of moving to be with my ex. She just recently has surgery so she can have her own kids in the future. My baby father seems to be more involved with his new girlfriend than he with his unborn child. I understand he can't do much since we're not together but it's old that the only time he askes bout the baby is when I post things about it on Facebook. I'm also worried that he will try and take this baby once it's born because we do live so far apart and I plan to breastfeed. I don't know how the child can see him for a weekend without me around and I don't know if I'm comfortable my child being with him "who knows nothing about raising a child, including changing a diaper or preparing a bottle & his new girlfriend whom I have never met and he has only actually got to spend time with for a week else the rest of there relationship is long distance. Plus I don't want my baby around his family members when all but him smoke marajuana on a daily and some even do worse drugs and his sister is married to a registered sex offender and i dont know wheb he is suppose to be getting out... does he have rights to be around my child since he is family to the father by marriage?? I don't want to risk my child being taken away. I need advice with all this please help.


Ashleigh - posted on 09/16/2013




I would first block him from my Facebook he should make an effort to communicate to you if he wants to be involved if not say nothing to him
And do t let him know where you live or
Anything about yours and your child's life and if you are worried and could prove all those things you say about him and his family in court they will take that information and wouldn't allow him
To take the child

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