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GeminiNee - posted on 08/17/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Im due in one more month, my boyfriend broke up with me when I was about 4months. All we do is argue now. We cant seem to get along, its like since he stop liking me he didnt have any dealings with and care about the pregnacy. Now, im thinking even tho he has done me wrong through out the pregnacy. I want him back, I want our baby to have a family. I want both of her parents in her life together. Should I leave him alone or what ?


Ana - posted on 08/17/2014




I don't think you need to make a final decision right now. Being pregnant and just about due, I think you should prevent people from being around you who cause you pain and try to remain stress free as possible.

As far as 2 parents, that comes in many forms. Even if you had both your parents, doesn't mean that your kids will turn out bad if they don't have both of theirs in the same relationship or house. Never keep a man to complete a fairytale, while you live a nightmare.

Keep rested and healthy, decide how you want your man to be of assistance at the hospital, if at all. Decide on the birth certificate what you want it to say, decide on child support and arrangements for your baby. Lots to think about besides if he likes you, you can make a more final decision once the baby is born.

And I know you are probably hurt, but count on your family and friends for strength until you can make a more final decision.

Ev - posted on 08/17/2014




You can not force the BF to come back and be a family. Apparently, for some reason or other, it has come to you guys not being together. You are going to have to just deal with it. But do keep in mind to offer him to visit the child whenever he is willing to. Go to court after the baby is born and get paternity set up so you can get visitation, custody, and child support set up. Do not let him get away with not taking responsibility for his child. Even if he does not show up for court or what have you, make certain he is paying support at least.


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GeminiNee - posted on 08/18/2014




Ana Talie- Thanks for the support, it really helped me realize more than what I thought. My baby comes first before anything now. You are right about both parents. It hurts i must say, I wanted my baby girl to have both parents raising her together.

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