Pregnant and worrying that karma will pay me back for past.

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Jamie - posted on 03/03/2013




The thoughts that we think are a reflections of our attitudes and expectations. Worry and guilt are a set up for future sadness and missed chances at happiness. Fear of Karma coming back to punish you is self-inflicted.

You made the choices that you thought were right at the time. Forgive yourself. If you have trouble with that then do what you have to gain this forgiveness from your higher power. Seek help.

During pregnancy you body is awash in hormones, which can give you happy glow, or you can sink into deep depression and guilt. Keep talking, outside perspectives may help you. A different way of thinking can be found suddenly, but you have to be open and ready for it.

The main techniques that I've used to bootstrap myself up out of the pit of depression are EFT and laughter yoga. It's easy to find online, but I'm happy to walk you through techniques and chat about it.

Stay focused on the things that make you happy. Keep imagining the outcome you desire. Talk to your baby and send him or her love.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/03/2013




Well as much as I am pro choice, I am not really a great supporter of it as strictly birth control. But that really has nothing to do with your current situation. Your past choices are not going to affect whether you have a healthy baby, or can carry full term (unless medically something failed during your abortions). If having an abortion is "against your religion" I don't understand why you would have had one in the first place. Clearly you believe in pro choice, and no religion should dictate what you believe, or HOW you should believe. if you are that religious, seek out your pastor, priest, or whatever and speak to them. Have a confession. Karma has nothing to do with how your body will handle a pregnancy. Hopefully you are seeing a doctor. Good luck.

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