Pregnant at 19 and worried

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Hello, I've never really written on a forum of any sorts. I usually just read about what other people post, but my situation is a little complicated and I couldn't really find it online. So here it goes:

My name is Amber, I'm 19, and I've been seeing a guy I go to college with. I really like him and he really likes me, but we decided not to get together until after I told him I was pregnant. A part of me feels like maybe he only decided to date me because I'm carrying his child, but another part of me looks beyond that and knows it is genuine.

Anyway, I am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I'm going to keep the child. I am VERY excited and so is my boyfriend! The only people who know right now are my boyfriend, aunt, two cousins, and a few close friends. I'm currently living with my grandmother, because my mom and I butt heads way too much. My dad is out of the picture (kind of?) That's a weird situation in itself.
I'm really scared to tell my grandmother, because I'm not sure what her reaction is going to be. I've never seen her shocked before. I'm scared to tell my mother, because we're already in a bad place and we just started making up from a fight we had. I thought my mom was being too controlling, when in all reality she was just trying to stop all of this from happening.

I need major advice of how to tell my family. I'm afraid they are going to be disappointed in me, but I know at the end of they day they will always support me, because that's what family is all about.


Michelle - posted on 06/20/2016




You just need to tell them. There's no easy way to do it but it will be better to tell them sooner rather than later. See if a close friend or even Aunt can be with you.

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