Pregnant due in November currently taking Zofan

Anne-Marie - posted on 06/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I left my boyfriend of two years in Febuary. I found out shortly after that I was pregnant. I did tell him and I tried to get back together with him to be able to be a full family he choose not to.
I am currently taking the medicine Zofan and my insurance won't cover it. We have already established that he is the father through a CVS test. This medicine is expensive $75 a refill I have asked him for his help in paying half the cost and he refuses. Saying that the pregnancy is 100% my responsibility to pay for. I'm not asking him for money for clothes or food. Just to help with the medical things that are for the better of our child. Does anyone know if I can take him to court to 'force' him to help me pay for these costs? He says he isn't legally responsible for helping me with anything. Also he goes three or four days at a time without even asking about how the pregnancy is going. But has said he will be getting his own lawyer and plans to try to take her for a every other week visitation?? But he won't be involved in the pregnancy?? If I'm documenting everything during this pregnancy will that help me in court?

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