Pregnant found abnormalities on 20 week scan.

Em - posted on 07/09/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi there just looking some help/advice really from someone or anyone who has been through similar.
At my 20 week scan doctors found my baby to have ventricumegaly. (extra fluid on brain).
Further scan also showed femur bone to be shorter than expected.
Hospital haven't gave us much information.
Just said that baby could be fine or have some sort of syndrome. But they won't know until baby is actually here. As we refused amniocentesis test.
It's going to be a long worrying wait.

Was hoping someone could give some experiences on similar things. Also any mum's with beautiful down syndrome babies what where the signs if any during ultrasound scans etc.

Thank you in advance and I hope from the bottom of my heart I don't sound offensive xx

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