Pregnant on Methadone

Michelle - posted on 05/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi ladies, I am 33 weeks pregnant and have started going to a Methadone clinic, I was on Vicodine in the beginning of my pregnancy due to fibromyalgia pain that is horrible, well I was told by the first ob it was ok for me to take them I started realizing that I was taking them when I didn't need to and I saw my problem coming back that I had when I was 19 to 21. Im 26 now, So I found a new doctor and they said if I feel like the problem is back then the best thing to do is treatment, since when I was trying to cold turkey it all together I had sever cramping and contractions they said me going through withdrawal can affect the baby leading to miscarriage so I took his advice and was referred to a mmt program, They put me on 10 ml a day, and I do good on that. But I had went to see a old friend and told her what I was going through, and right after wards my ex shows up, I don't know if she called him or what but he is the farther to my son and baby on the way and he wants to sign over his rights to both of them, And the reason we are not together is I found out that he was doing more than he said he was harder things that I could not let my babies be around or me because I could not go down that path again, well after I ran into him he just acted like I wasn't there. I had a can of dr pepper on the table and got up to go to the bathroom and came back and he said good luck with that program doesn't look like youll pass that piss test, I didn't think anything of it till the next day when my friend had called me and she said her husbanded had caught him put something in my drink, And come to find out I had my random drop the next day, So now im worried sick about what he could have put in my drink and what if my ua comes back dirty whats going to happen because my counselor wont believe the truth. even if I tell him the truth, what drug counselor would, So I have no idea what happens now, Im so scared, I was already worried enough about baby being born on methadone and having withdrawals , I did not need this and I do not know what to do? any advice would be wonderful, thanks ladies


Sarah - posted on 05/04/2015




First, you were smart to get over to methadone. Withdrawal from opiates can cause a miscarriage. You are on a low dose so if you feel good at that, talk to the methadone clinic about lowering your dose before baby come. You baby will be born addicted and need to stay in the hospital for a weaning regimen. That can last weeks, or months.
Second, stay active in treatment and meetings. The more effort you can show towards building a strong recovery the better. Get a sponsor, document every NA or AA meeting you go to, get letter from your counselor that shows your good attitude and do not miss appointments,
Your urine test will obviously be positive for methadone. You are insinuating your ex put something into your drink, that will make you dirty for another drug. What could he have put in that would be liquid, tasteless, odorless and you never felt strange after consuming the Dr. Pepper? The only drug I have ever encountered in drinks is the "date rape" drug. However, you would have been knocked out by that and also it has a very brief half life and often does not show up in urine the very next morning. It is likely that if something is found in your urine other than methadone, your counselor will not believe your story. Unless you can get the witness to come forward and say he saw your ex spike your soda. If he did see him, why did he not tell you and stop you from drinking the Dr. Pepper?
They don't take babies away from addicted mothers who are working a program, and are tirelessly honest. If you had a problem with opiates at 19, you should not be taking them for any reason now. There are plenty of pain management alternatives available.


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Raye - posted on 05/04/2015




If something shows up on the test, then you tell the truth. You can't control whether they believe you or not, but there's no other story that would help you either. You just focus on yourself and your kids, and do what's right.

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