Pregnant or not or just crazy?

Aaron - posted on 08/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am having a hard time figuring out what is going on. After 2 years of ttc, my husband and I finally were able to get pregnant and our daughter was born in November of last year. After she was born, we decided that it was best for us not to go on birth control as I have encountered issues with it in the past. Well everything seemed to be fine. I received my normal menstrual cycle in January. My cycles normally last for 5 days and they are anywhere from 28 – 35 days apart. Well my last cycle was July 14, 2012. I’m absolutely positive about this date as it was the first day of our vacation (oh joy!). August 17th, I decided to take a hpt, it was negative… as was the test on Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday! I even tried different brands. I was becoming concerned as I noticed my breast were tender as they were in my first pregnancy (that was the first sign I had with my first pregnancy). I made an appointment with my doctor yesterday for a blood test. My doctor was on vacation so they made the appointment with another doctor in the practice. I went into the office and he did not exam me at all! All he did was feel on my throat for a thyroid problem. He never did a blood test but insisted that I take a prescription bill to start my menstrual cycle as I must not have ovulated last month. Has anyone ever gone through this before and what was the outcome. I feel helpless right now and I’m getting more questions than answers. I have not taken the medication yet as I do not feel 100% comfortable! WHAT SHOULD I DO??


Katherine - posted on 08/24/2012




*eye roll* I swear some doctors!!!! I was pregnant, they took blood and it came up negative! 2 weeks later I just KNEW I was so I did an EPT and sure enough I was. Not sure why my blood test showed negative....maybe too early? I would wait and then take another test. Then go back to the doctor and demand a blood test.

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