Pregnant or something else?

Bridget - posted on 06/23/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi Mums,
This may sound strange as I have already had a bub (a gorgeous and spirited 2 year old) but I am currently undergoing a pregnancy "scare" - hate to use that word because it would be very very welcome!!
I have always been extremely regular with my periods (28-30 days to the day) and my husband and I are taking precautions (I know condoms aren't 100% effective) but this past month has been extremely unusual.
About a week before my period I spotted (light pink/brown) and had extremely high emotions as well as tender breasts and indigestion. Now with my first son I had indigestion a week after conception but no other symptoms (had problems breastfeeding so no boob changes, etc).
Then my period didn't come - I have taken a HPT the day my period was due (30 days to be safe) but it was definitely negative. Since then I have been light headed, extremely tired (even after starting my pregnancy tablets with iron), having sudden hot flushes across my chest up my neck and face, bloating, a full feeling and needing to use the bathroom A LOT!!
All in all I just feel off - well I feel pregnant but I am a little worried I am wanting to feel pregnant so it could be a little psychosomatic! I have a docs appointment this Thursday (9-11 after my period) but just wanted some feedback.
Could this be something else? I'm worried I might not have ovulated but then why the early spotting (at the time where it could have been implantation)?
Sorry for the long winded question - just hate waiting!!

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