Pregnant. underweight and losing weight

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I am nuturally skinny and classified as underweight. I am now 7 weeks pregnnt an loosing weight. I m so worried. My other doctor said i must quickly do a scan eve before 10 weeks as maybe the baby is not developing


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I had similar issues with my pregnancy, and it is VERY common for women to lose weight during their first trimester. I am surprised they are so worried, as it is actually more common for women to lose weight during the first 8 weeks than it is for them to gain weight. The weight doesn't usually start to come until the end of the first trimester or beginning of the second (10 to 14 weeks).

I was underweight to begin with, then I lost 9 pounds during my first trimester because of morning sickness. At my heaviest point, I was 122 pounds. My baby was smallish throughout the pregnancy, and we had to keep a close eye on him, a few extra visits to the OB. He was smallish when he was born (5 1/2 pounds), but he was, and still is, a very healthy boy.

Keep in mind that most of the weight you gain during pregnancy should NOT be fat. It is the weight of the baby, the extra blood in your system to support the baby, and the amniotic fluid. You do need more to eat, but the baby is taking the extra nutrients and using them to develop. It is common for women to lose weight because during the first trimester, the baby is doing a ton of developing, but not growing very much, so it doesn't weigh much. If you don't eat enough "extra" food, the baby will pull from fat stores in your body. As an underweight person, you don't have much fat in store, so it is concerning, but unless you were dangerously underweight to begin with (in which case you would have been receiving treatment before the pregnancy), you should have enough to get through the first trimester if you are sick.

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