Pregnant with my 3rd... 2no pregnancy

Vienna - posted on 09/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies I just need some advice really.
I took 2 pregnancy tests yesterday and both results were faint positives... I'm on the implant and it had messed my periods up I was basically coming on every 2 months and have 7-12 day periods that were all heavy. I came on last month but was only on for 1 day very light which is very odd for me I thought something wasn't right when this happened and now the tests have confirmed it... I'm also on the implant contraceptive.
The same this happened when I found out I was pregnant with my twin boys I was on the contraceptive pill back then and two weeks before I took a test I had come on but again only for a day or two really light which was also odd.
I'm so scared I'm not ready for another baby my twin boys are 2 in February and Riley my eldest twin is currently going through terrible twos I have always said I want another baby one day just not yet so it's a bit of a shock...
I could never abort and I will keep this baby but just need some reassurance that I will be okay.
I'm 21 and still with the father of my twin boys and this baby we own our house and havery a car so we're in a good place.
I've not told my other half yet because I just don't know how he'll react I don't think he'll be over the moon but a part of me is thinking that he'll probably take the news a bit better than he did when we were first pregnant, he also starts his new job on the 3rd of October and his dad has just given him a car as he's started driving lessons he's had a rough year too as his sister attempted suicide back in April she's fine now but it still plays on his mind as his mother committed suicide when he was 9 so he's got all sorts going through his head I just don't know when the right time will be.
It needs to be soon as I've heard the implant is dangerous when pregnant but I can't take it out without him knowing I'm pregnant as I don't want him thinking I took it out without him knowing so I could get pregnant if you know what I mean?
I'm just at a loss I've ordered a clear blue digital and will be taking this next week when the test so be alot more clearer
Just someone calm me down lol
Thank you for reading my rant xx


Michelle - posted on 09/14/2016




Go and see your doctor. They can confirm the pregnancy and organize to have the Implant taken out.
Tell your partner why you are going to the doctor. Putting it off won't make it any easier.
Tell him you have taken 2 tests and they are positive so you are going to the doctor to confirm and get the implant taken out.
I would suggest you use at least 2 forms of birth control in the future, He should use condoms on top of what you are using since they don't work for you.

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