pregnant with my second child could it be twins

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i am 22 yrs old and i am pregnant with my second child. i will be 10 weeks on wed. i go to my first appointment on thursday. i am worried i am carrying twins. my moms family has no twins my dads family has twin. my half sister even miscarryed a set of twin. my fiances family has lots of twins. i havent had any extreme morning sickness lke i have read about, i didnt have any with my first pregnancy. i have had alittle threw out the day, jst randomly it seems like. my breast hurt more than thy did wit my fisr child an thy have actually gotten bigger (which thy didnt do with the first child) and i am showing as at 10 weeks as much as i was at 4 1/2 months with my fist child. i had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and 2days due to bleeding. thy only seen one baby. Could i be pregnagnt with twins and thy have missed it on th ultrasound?


Tee - posted on 09/10/2012




First each pregnancy is different. You will show faster with each pregnancy usually. Just because someone has extreme morning sickness does not mean you are having twins. With my twin pregnancy I did not have any morning sickness. Ultrasounds are pretty accurate now days so if it only showed 1 baby then it should be right. If you measure differently then the doctor will have another one done. But remember each pregnancy is different. With my first I was in maternity clothing by 4 months. My second (twin pregnancy) I was not even showing at 4 months, my 3rd was showing at 4 months, 4th was showing by 2 months and in maternity clothing by 3.

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