Premature daughter of 1 year old constantly sick

Davi - posted on 09/11/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




This is my first post here and I'm a dad from Brazil, but I think it's fine to be part of this community since we are all here to help each other sons. This is going to be long so I'm sorry.
My daughter is now 15 months old, she was born on the 33 week and spent a month in the ICU but didn't need any equipment to help her breath, because my wife took Corticosteroids one week before to help developer her lungs.
Anyway, since then she had 2 pneumonia, one she had to take antibiotics for 25 days total. I think that might have disturbed her somehow, because she's constantly sick, I don't remember a month without fever. She's very agitated, walks all around our house, but she's away from the kindergarten for 4 weeks now because of her illness.
The last 3 weeks I spent going to the emergency with her because of her condition.
The first week we left with an antibiotic prescription for 10 days, but I returned the next week because she had fever again, but the blood exam showed it was a virus.
Then after only 2 days the antibiotic ended, she had fever again so I went back to the emergency.
Every time there she took an x-ray because of her past with pneumonia, but it always seemed clean.
The last time I went to emergency was last Tuesday, she had an x-ray which only showed up a small variation that the doctor suspected but the x-ray doctor didn't... The blood exam showed a small variation too. And right now she's on antibiotics again, if we sum up its going to be a total of 20 days of antibiotics, but what worries me most is that she's not eating. She used to eat every three hours, but now she's not accepting any food, only her formula. We try to give her food every 3 hours as usual, she usually took 240ml of her formula but now she can't take more then 190ml in the morning (first meal), then the rest of the day it's always like 60ml/120ml and no food. Yesterday I tried to give her some soup, she took like 10 spoons and started refusing it. Damn if only she ate some food I would be happier.
I'm on a loss here since her doctor is kind stupid, she thinks the only problem is the kindergarten (even thought she's away for a month now). I'm looking for a new doctor but's it's not an easy task.
Also she has some weird red marks on her skin, maybe it's reaction to the antibiotic, that's what I'm hoping for.
I need some help here because it's disheartening to see her sick all the time, she's my first child btw.

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