Prenatal Stroke Question/Help Advice

Josh - posted on 10/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am actually a terrified Dad not a mom... So I hope I don't get kicked off of here. But I found some encouraging comments/experiences from parents of Perinatal Stroke survivors and was hoping to get someone who knows of a situation like ours.

My wife and I went for an ultra-sound at 20 weeks and got a healthy report, but they couldn't get the baby to stay still to get pics of the heart. We had to go back at 24 weeks at which point they informed us that our baby had problems with fluid on the brain. It was like a punch in the gut.....

The OBGYN sent us to a specialist the next day who said that she, "believed our baby had Trisomy 18 and would never leave the hospital" She said that she needed to do an Amniocentesis to confirm. My Alyson, and I were shattered. But when the Amnio came back all results were normal. They sent us for an MRI at 28 weeks (last week) and determined that our unborn son had a stroke and parts of the brain had died off.....

The specialist who diagnosed Trisomy 18 said at this point that as scared as she was that our son was going to die weeks earlier, she was now just as scared that he would live. She informed us that our baby had a stroke that effected the occipital and temporal lobes. The areas of the brain effected and the doctors comments have left us in fear that our son will be blind and deaf.

We are scheduled to see a Pediatric Neurologist on 11/15, to find out more.

Does anyone else have a similar story that can tell me what to expect here??? Has anyone had a baby with a stroke effecting these areas?

Thanks for helping a scared Dad.....

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