Prenatal Vitamins, good or bad?

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So, I am doing research on how many moms really know what a prenatal vitamin has in it... Also, which vitamin is best? How do you decide? Has anyone ever known (or even been) a mom that took a prenatal to supplement a bad diet and did nothing else? At what point do prenatal vitamins become harmful (by giving pregnant moms an excuse to eat badly or not enough simply because they "took their vitamin today")?

Please be respectful ladies! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I appreciate every one's story! Thanks for responding!


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Folic acid! Not found (or at least not in sufficient dosage) in general muti-vitamins. Unless you want to significantly increase your risk of a baby with spina bifida. The vitamin is for both Mamma & babe. Nothing wrong with safe-guarding your diet.

(And yes Andrea - iron is constipating - you have to up your fibre & water intake to compensate for iron suplementing)

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The point of prenatal vitamins isnt so you can eat badly, the main reason is even though you eat well most iron in food doesnt absorb into the body well, and the body needs EXTRA folic acid for the proper development of a fetus. Zinc is also something most woman are lacking even with good diet.

These vitamins, are not souly for the mother, they are 90% for the growing fetus inside you.

Many studies stress the importance of taking folic acid prior to and early in pregnancy, as it can reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida by about 70%.Zinc also plays a significant role in the development of various tissues (ie. muscle, nerves, bone) and organs (ie. heart, lungs, kidneys), thus there is great need for it in the first trimester when these tissues and organs begin their development. An adequate supply of iron, together with zinc and folic acid, in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters can improve the baby’s growth and reduce the risk of low birth weight, or a baby weighing less than 2500 grams at birth.


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I don't think I would have survived my 3rd pregnancy without the multivitamins plus an extra iron suppliment and extra folic acid. I was so worn out (2 other young kids and fulltime work) and had really low blood pressure, so even with a good diet I was lacking in energy. The vitamins and iron tabs kept me going.

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I never really researched it I trusted my doctor and wanted what was best for my baby so i took them everyday I know they have just about everything in them like a multivitamin so they baby and you get everything you need

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I think prenatal vitamins are great and I have never heard the were just for the mother. I suggest anyone that can take them to do so.

Personally I can't take them because of the Iron in them. I started taking them with each on of my kids and had to stop. The iron messes with me bad to were I fill like I'm in labor every time I have to use the restroom to do number 2. sorry didn't know how to word that with out being to much TMI. I know it the Iron in them because I have been on Iron supplements for Iron deficiency anemia and they do the same thing. Which I refuse to take.

Diana - posted on 07/07/2010




you are correct, calcium vitamins I was given as well. Having babies is hard on your teeth, so the calcium vitamins will help your teeth stay healthy as well.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/07/2010




I agree with Diana. It is souly for the mother. But one thing women don't know, they often still need to take an extra suppliment for calcium. Prenatals do not have enough calcium to support how much women actually need.

Diana - posted on 07/07/2010




The reason you are taking the vitamins, is too keep you healthy. The baby is taking all your vitamins away and so the supplement is for you. You want to stay healthy for the baby. Now which ones to take? Just ask you doctor to recommend some to you.

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