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My daughter is 20 mimths old and goes to preschool two days a week for two hours at a time. She started about two months ago. At first I was at school with her the whole time but now I leave her there and pick her up. She cries on and off all morning before going and cries when I drop her off and pick her up. The school does not let the parents see the child in the classroom and walks the kids out to meet the parents at end if day. The dact that I cannot see my child at play with teachers and other children and why does she cry when pick her up. Please help!!!


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I work with kids and its highly recommended to parents to come and visit at anytime they want to. I have had moms come in my room for as long as an hour to all day and even helped us in the classroom routine. I find it wrong that this place does not allow the parents to come and go to see their kids at play, interacting with the kids and teachers, and see how their day goes. I also find it wrong that they make you come to a certain point in the facility and then take your child from you and then bring them to you at this same stopping point. To me this sends a clear message that something is not right. I would pull her out and find another place to put her so she can interact with kids and have that socialization she is going to need to make it in regular school when she gets there. I am sure that there are other schools in your area that offer the same things this one does but allow you to come and go to see her during the day whether she knows you are there or not. That is one question I would ask when checking out a place. And then I would call the government agency that gives licenses to the daycare providers and tell them what is going on and have them check it out.

Adele - posted on 10/19/2013




Yes I am an attorney I have my sister as her nanny but being shes so advanced I thought she would benefit from being in school. My sister ha told me she doesn't agree with her going there but I thought it would be good for her to interact with other children.

Jodi - posted on 10/19/2013




How the heck is this pre-school? It is daycare. Pure and simple. I am assuming you are working and putting her in daycare? If not, why is she there?

Having said that, it isn't right that you can't see them in the classroom. I would be extremely concerned. it should always be okay to walk into your child's daycare at any time and see that your child (and other children) are safe, happy, fed and with other needs met.

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