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how do you deal with a 5year old with a mind of his own


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Sarah - posted on 08/20/2014




Can you explain a little more. All humans (kids and adults) have a mind of their own. That is what makes us who we are. It can be a challenge when they are little it can be frustrating directing that independence. Where you can, give choices. For example allow him to pick from 3 different outfits which one he wants to wear. Allow him to pick out the veggie for the meal sometimes. Or if you go to the park or the or go for a hike that day. A REALLY neat thing I learned from a book was to allow kids to ask for a compromise. They first need to ask if they can have a compromise.....this allows you to say yes or no as there are times when it is not appropriate for a compromise and he needs to obey and do what he is asked to do. But then there are other times when a compromise is going to be ok. Once you have said yes....he then says what his compromise is. If it is something acceptable then you can yes....if not acceptable then you can say can do/have x, or y. For example....if he wanted a compromise for veggies and asked if he could have ice cream instead then you would say no you can have x or y. If he wanted a compromise for veggies and asked if he could have corn instead of peas then this would be an acceptable compromise and the answer would be yes. This is a GREAT brain developer for later in life. It teaches him how to ask for things and then how to figure out how to make compromises that work.

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