Preschool Adjustment for Clingy Toddlers?

Kim - posted on 11/02/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Looking for advice from fellow moms with clingy toddlers who aren't so great in new situations. We have to apply to preschool in the next couple months for a fall 2015 program, when my daughter will be a little over 2 1/2. I really want her to go to school to help her socialize and become more independent, but am not sure she will be able to handle the separation. All of my friends have sent their kids to 2s programs and had a fairly standard transition, but my daughter has a different temperament from their kids so I am not sure if she will be okay.

She is currently 21 months and glued to my side every second, and is the same with our nanny during the week while I am at work. She takes a couple music and gym classes but never plays by herself or interacts with other kids, and get very upset if I (or the nanny) are not right next to her at all times. She is consistently the only kid crying in class, at birthday parties, or just generally in new situations. It takes her a really long time to get comfortable with new people and places (like days/weeks not minutes).

Does anyone else have a child who was/is like this who actually did well in preschool?

I know 9 months is still a ways away and she will grow and mature in that time, but I am curious to know others' experiences with more challenging kids.

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