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Lindz - posted on 01/10/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




A couple of months ago I signed my daughter up for preschool and she was put on the waiting list. I know it will be good for her but now that the time has actually come (she is 22months) and they called with an opening, I'M starting to have separation anxiety! Like all these thoughts keep popping into my head, like is there toys too small there that she could choke on or are they going to watch her close enough or will she get hurt.. idk it's just a lot. I'm probably just stressing for nothing. ANY thoughts on what I should be looking out for or what questions I should ask? ANY tips? Any1 been through this before or felt like this before??


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Angie - posted on 01/11/2011




What you are feeling is not uncommon but you will survive it. As long as you don't transfer your anxiety to her, things will work out well. The initial transition may be difficult for both of you but stick it out - you'll be glad you did. She will be safe, and if anything does happen, they will call you. The chances of that happening as so slim. Go to the preschool and look around. See how the teachers interact with the children and you will most likely feel reassured. If you look and honestly see a problem, don't send you daughter there.

Louise - posted on 01/11/2011




I have worked in numerous playschools and there are good and bad ones. Ask to see the latest ofsted report (in England) or if you are from another country there must be a governing body that regulates all nursery and child care facilites. Ask for a tour of the site and look at the toilet area and food prep area. Watch the interaction with the staff and children, look at the kids do they seem happy and satisfied. When you go for the first day sit with your daughter and watch her. At this age she will play alongside or on her own with the toys it is not until she is about three that she will interact with others. She will feel overcome with all the new experiences and so will you when the time comes to leave her. Believe me it will make a huge difference to her if you leave her with all smiles and enthusiasm rather than upset and tence. She will pick up on your stress and become stressed herself. Although saying that i have a 26 month old and we go to mums and tots together to reassure her that it is ok to play with children and it is safe to do so. She will start playgroup age 3 when I feel more comfortable to leave her. I am sure she would be alright but I don't want to let go just yet.

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