Prescription Medication & Our Children

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How much do people even know about "medication" that is prescribe, out to the public? Look around:most people either are prescribe some type of mind-altering supplement.("medication"), while other people are addicted (like crack-cocaine addicted) to the same medication that said to be helpful in the improvement of children's behavior.
I'm against this "medication" prescription be distributed to our children. I've seen the effects it has on people; adult/child.
For 20-some on yrs, my mother has been certified by a psychiatrist that she is in fact mentally insane and needs to be medicated to live in society. Since the 80's my mother has been taking her meds (examples: GEODON-LITHIUM-PROZAC-WELLBUTRIN-ZOLOFT-COLANAPIN etc.) I can't count how many times doctors had to switch up, increase, decrease- my mother's medication, even keeping her at C3 (mental patient floor) in the hospital. She's had mental breakdown after breakdown. Awkward around people; You can look into her eyes and see she is not all there.
Not only my mother, but my poor innocent 11yr old brother taking RITALIN & DEPAKOTE. Misbehaving at school due pass trauma; Primary Doctor's, counselor's, and psychiatrist alike believe it's best we put him on this cocaine like supplement. Not that his age of, ONLY BEING 6 YRS OLD & the fact that he just started the 1ST GRADE, make them think twice about adding my brother to the 5% of children in the U.S, diagnose with ADHD.
I myself battle an addiction with prescription medication.
Now as a parent, with this knowledge; I'll protect my baby, Speak out proudly against this; Shall I say problem?(Obviously it is more than a problem I'm just choosing a nicer, less straight-forward agative).

But please seriously take the time to over-think your choices, Prons/Cons & What your and your child's future may hold with or without these.. [& now I'll say it] DRUGS.

online reference sources:,; - book references: The ADHD Fraud by Dr. Baughman


Stifler's - posted on 07/09/2012




Um people wouldn't be putting their child on meds unless they couldn't handle their behaviour without it.

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