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Kristen - posted on 07/16/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi all! i am actually inquiring about my little sister who is 12. Long story short, her mom (my step mom) is very ill and I've taken responsibility for ensuring my sister is taken care of, emotionally and physically. I totally remember what its like to be 12, not quite ready for makeup and hygiene and getting away with not showering for a few days. She's a bit of a sweet, nerdy girl who doesn't really frill around with girly things yet. However, she's dealing with some acne... I want to help her with this and boost her self esteem, and more importantly, teach her a proper face washing routine, starting now. Any suggestions? I'm a first timer here! I remember my mom just kinda handing me the noxeema (remember that stuff?) and I was kinda confused.

I'm also super health conscious and I personally use natural products, eat really well. I'm not trying to force the same ideals, but I would appreciate any natural products that I could introduce to her.

Thank you!!!


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Hey Kristen! First, that is amazing of you to step in and help out with your younger sister. My older sisters had to do the same thing for me and, I'm 27 now and SO thankful for them and all that they've done... even though at the time I was pretty ornery :)
Second, that age can start to really take a toll on us when acne starts to creep in. It can really damage the way we feel about ourselves. I used to be into all natural, all organic products too but, I realized they just don't help. Getting to know Jesus has also helped me understand a lot of even the smallest things like skincare.
Another thing to think about is, not all natural things are good for our skin, either. For example, poison ivy is all natural but we don't put that on our face. So you have to be careful.
What worked for me was Rodan + Fields. I switched to that and never had a breakout since. I'd love to swap stories and be of help if I can!

Sarah - posted on 07/18/2015




Clean and Clear makes a gentle and affordable face wash. I am not sure if it is 100% natural, but it is gentle. Sometimes I think it's more important to teach pre-teens to drink lots of water and watch their diet. When my daughter struggled with her skin, changing what she ate and drank seemed to really clear her face up.
Remind her not to pick at her face!

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