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Shannintipton - posted on 05/04/2011 ( 18 moms have responded )




Please tell me (if there is) something that you do for your kids because they like it so much but you cant stand doing. I hate football games and video games. It is like torture. Am I the only one who feels this way? Input please {:+)


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Elida - posted on 05/05/2011




I understand what you mean. My daughter loves salmon, but I can't stand the smell. Since she loves it, I cook it for her sometimes but I need to suffer the smell as I was cooking it. Sigh...the things mother do for their kids out of love

Kelli - posted on 05/05/2011




Before it got warm out and I could send my son out to play with the neighbor kids all evening long (YIPPEE!!), we used to have "fight night". My son loves video games, but bored easily if no one to play with. I am not a big video game fan, playing them myself or him playing them for long periods of time. The only one I will really play are any of the fighting games...not wanting to start a debate on that :) we would have fight night. My son, hubby and I playing mortal kombat or teken. Usually mortal kombat vs. DC comics, but only because it has cat woman in it and I am actually really good with her. I usually still lose, but love it when I actually do win a game!! Doesn't happen often! :)

Shannintipton - posted on 05/05/2011




I know what you mean. I felt like I was losing a bond with them because I just cant do certain things (I can most things). So I started to just look at them and give them hugs and kisses. I really think it helps. Hugs and kisses they understand. And half the time I dont understand a word of what they are trying to tell me. ex: different video game levels and my four year. God love her she just jabbers away about everything so she gets lots of huggies. {:+)

Sal - posted on 05/05/2011




there are lots, listening to them read, it is so boring and frustrating, i love that they are learning and trying really hard but the actual sitting through the painful stumbling over words is sometimes almost to much to bare....

Shannintipton - posted on 05/05/2011




My hubby does the football and I will do the dance for my daughter. And as far as talking to others. I will talk to ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Even as they are walking away. lol {:+)

Tina - posted on 05/05/2011




In the fall my 8 year old boy plays football 4 nights a week. I love watching him play because he enjoys it so much. I do have a hard time watching him play basketball or soccer I find it boring and I get sore from the lack of sitting options. I try and find the good things in the things that my kids join. Talking to other parents, makes the time fly by. I have to say that I do not enjoy sitting and watching some of the shows that my kids like to watch (Dino Squad On netflix) so I sit with them and play on the computer, or I sit for a little while and then get up and clean in another room, or fold laundry. But that is me. My hubby on the other hand can sit and watch cartoons all day if I let him and the kids. He says its his mindless activity. He works hard and has to think about very detailed things. He would watch cartoons even before we had kids, as his mindless activity. I find this funny I can't wait till our little girl is big enough to play dolls with dad and her big brothers so I can say HAHA I had to play football till the sun went down and soccer with the boys, and watch them ride bikes. pay back can be great.

[deleted account]

LOL! I am really glad you ASKED! I hadn't considered exactly how BAD I hated it...until you brought it up!
But since this conversation...I am remembering back how many times I looked over at my Mom while we were fishing...and how that look on her face is EXACTLY what I look like at the pool.

Shannintipton - posted on 05/05/2011




Seriously Ink I keep reading your response. I think I will be laughing all day. THANK YOU {:+)

Shannintipton - posted on 05/05/2011




lmao. You are too funny. But that is what I am talking about. I thought there was something wrong with me. whew. Did I tell you the one where I found out I could fall asleep with my eyes open? While my son is reading to me and when he plays his stupid (ohhh mommy said a bad word, were not suppose to say stupid in our house, yeah right) video games. {:+)

[deleted account]

Thank you for asking!

I hate swimming.

I hate sitting in the sun....

I hate sweating.

I hate sunburn.

I hate skin cancer.

I hate blisters from sunburn.

I hate freaking out each time the kids try some new daredevil stunt.

I hate water in my ears.

I hate packing lunch in a cooler...

I hate premade sandwiches.

I hate getting splashed...

I hate the smell of chlorine.

I hate being covered in sticky sunscreen.

I hate the way my sunglasses slide down my nose when I start to sweat.

I hate the way kids SCREAM with delight...I jump each time.

I hate wet swim suits.

I hate running home to do laundry.

I REALLY hate the smell of sour bathing suits.

I hate spending the day at the pool, running home and jumping in the shower only to find ALL the towels are downstairs in the laundry...they all went to the pool.

I hate the wet spots in the seat of my car.

I hate the half eaten snacks that have nowhere to go but the trash.

I hate the whining when it's time to go home.

I hate unpacking the car.

I hate how they are starving the minute they walk in the door.

OK OK...I found something GOOD about going to the pool....when the kids come home they are exhausted and we always have an early bedtime. THERE! I found something I love in something I hate! Thank you Shannin! :-D

Alecia - posted on 05/05/2011




my daughter is only 19 mnths so this doesnt apply to me...yet! lol we started watching PBS kids when she was a lil over a yr sometimes so i dnt mind watching some of those shows with her. her absolute fav is The Cat in the Hat. and its actually pretty cute and teaches u about all sorts of animals. i must admit that before one episode i didnt know that there was a kind of snail called a limpit that lives on rocks on the seashore :p she loves to play outside and i dnt mind that. if i had to go watch a chess game or something like that for her, i would be bored outa my mind...but id still do it. but otherwise id love to watch my kids play sports, sing in chorus, play an instrument, etc. prbly bcuz i did all those things (not chess :p)

♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 05/05/2011




I DVR Barbie movies and Disney movies for my 6 year old... but I also like them so maybe that's not a sacrifice?

Shannintipton - posted on 05/04/2011




Wow Elaina, you are a good mom. The superbowl, I dont think I could do that one. Or soap operas. lol {:+)

Elaina - posted on 05/04/2011




Anything that keeps my daughter entertained works for me! She was amused with watching football on the Tv when she was only 4 months old. I hate football as well, but we watched the whole superbowl! She cried when it went to commercial but was fascinated when it was on.

Tara - posted on 05/04/2011




My kids are too little for this to apply to me much yet (they are 3 and 18 months) - I do sit and watch some of their cartoons with them that I can't stand watching though. My husband is the one who does this more - since we had 2 girls it's dolly playtime that he hates :)

Shannintipton - posted on 05/04/2011




Jodi you helped inspire this post. Your rugby comment earlier reminded me of football. ick. Love the barbies story. Too cute. {:+)

Jodi - posted on 05/04/2011




Sitting at football training 2 nights a week because it is not worth the drive home only to turn around to go back and pick him up again. I take my laptop and sit and play computer games (because it is dark by 5;30pm here in winter, I can't read).

But the funny one is my husband playing Barbie Dolls with his daughter. He HATES it. She keeps telling him he can be the man one, to help him enjoy it, but......he just HATES playing Barbies with her. I find it very amusing.

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