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what does it mean if an (adult) is on probation.

Sorry am confused.


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Probation in what sense?

Probation with the law means that they are no longer required to be in Jail, but they must check in with a Probation officer , a member of the law.
They must follow strict rules. For instance no substance abuse, must call on certain times, ect.

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Basically it means that they have to be monitored to ensure they don't repeat a pattern of behavior (such as drinking/driving, drug use, etc) after they have been sentenced for criminal activity.

Here is a link that explains it better than I can:


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Well if this is you or some one you are in charge of, the court ought to have explained it all. If you have questions, call the PO

It depends on the crime, the age, the events leading up to, the history ....

I assume criminal here, not job related?

People on probation have restricted movement, can not own or carry a fire arm, must check in with their PO ... this is the typical, but it differs from case to case ... sometimes, UA's are required ...

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In a legal sense, an offender on probation is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the court, often under the supervision of a probation officer. Offenders are ordinarily required to refrain from subsequent possession of firearms, and may be ordered to remain employed, abide to a curfew, live at a directed place, obey the orders of the probation officer, or not leave the jurisdiction. The probationer may be ordered as well to refrain from contact with the victims (such as a former partner in a domestic violence case), with potential victims of similar crimes (such as minors, if the instant offense involves child sexual abuse), or with known criminals, particularly co-defendants. Additional restrictions can include: a ban on possession or use of alcoholic beverages, even if alcohol was not involved in the original criminal charges. Offenders on probation might be fitted with an electronic tag (or monitor), which signals their whereabouts to officials. Also, offenders have been ordered to submit to repeated alcohol/drug testing or to participate in alcohol/drug or psychological treatment, or to perform community service work.


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