probibilty of my dotter having lurning disabilitys and pycologicol problems

Naralserret - posted on 07/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my dotter is 19 months and has problems on both sids of her famly on her bio dads side there is scitsophrena and bipoler disorder on my side there is dislexea manic episods more bipoler and i just want to know if there is a chanc she could come out of it without having any of those


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Kristi - posted on 07/14/2012





Let me first start off with, ALL pills don't stop working nor do ALL people who NEED medication turn into meth heads.

Second, if you don't want people's advice and/or opinions, don't ask for it. IMO, Michelle was in no way comparing ADD/ADHD to schizophrenia. She was suggesting that if your child does have a learning disability that is important to make sure your child doesn't feel bad because of it. Maybe for example, a child who is "different" is getting picked on because of that "difference" and in turn, starts to feel bad about his/herself. It is our job, as parents, to do everything we can to make sure our child(ren) understands that he/she is not a "bad" person or that he/she has something "wrong" with him/her. We need to reassure that child that he/she is greatly loved, that her "difference" is not wrong or bad, let him/her know that this is in no way their fault and that everyone is unique and special, no matter what differences they have. MICHELLE--please correct me if I am wrong about your comment.

Third, yes there is a chance your child will have schitzophrenia or a learning disability, as they are both hereditary. But, heredity is not the only determining factor. Many times environmental factors make a difference when it comes to mental illness. Teaching a child how to effectively solve his/her problems is very important, also another point by Michelle. If you are unsure how to teach your child the valuable and necessary life skills it takes to resolve conflict, have healthy relationships, and to be self sufficent then you need to ask for help. (all moms I know seek out help for a variety of reasons!) You can look online, check out books from the library, get involved with a support group, maybe through your church, talk to your child's guidance counselor, etc.

If you suspect your child might be having difficulty with depression, anxiety or other symptoms regarding their mental heath, I would strongly suggest seeking medical/pyshciatric assistance. Many times, when people struggle with mental illness or other disorders it is part due to a chemical imbalance in their brain. Sometimes it is necessary to take medication to readjust the chemical balance. There is nothing wrong with taking medication for such imbalances. In several cases, if the imbalance goes untreated it will cause other, undesirable behaviors, such as drug abuse, self harming or suicidal actions, and other addictive behaviors.(gambling, alcoholism, etc) The same could be said with learning disabilities...if not properly diagnosed or goes untreated it can cause an abundance of negative results, for example, low self esteem, lack of proper education, feelings of shame or embarrassment, lack of social skills and on.

Educate and prepare yourself for these possibilities just in case your child(ren) is faced with a disability. However, just because it may be hereditary does not mean it will definitely be passed down. Children are gifts regardless of anything else. It is our job to make sure they know what a blessing they are. Period. Prayers for a happy, healthy baby for you.

Naralserret - posted on 07/14/2012




by boy frend is add and he is verry agenst drugs for that plus seeing shi and hearing shit that aint there isnt the same as being hyper all the time and not wanting to lissen to any one i can handle dislexa and bie poler but having a chald who has voces telling them to start fiers in the woulds is not somthing that can be fixed by popig a pill eventuly they all stop working and end up makeng thngs worce then they turn to heavy drugs like her bio did and hes a meth head

Michelle - posted on 07/11/2012




she has a 50-50 chance of either having a learning disorder or being absolutely normal if she has a problem deal with it, teach her how to deal with it. Biggest thing is don't make her feel bad that she is different my son has adhd and odd but he takes his meds daily and functions no differently then the other kids in his class.

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