Problem with my 8 years old

Hiba - posted on 04/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have two kids 12 years and 8 years she is my big problem she still showing bad behavior she screams at my face her dad and she never care about any punishment she is all the time embarrassing me I feel sad about her attitude I cray some many time so please I need your advises thank you


Julie - posted on 04/05/2013




Hi. I have an 8 year old as well. He is a well behaved child, but I have learned that when things are going wrong or bad at school or in there social life, they get nasty with Mom. A child does not understand how to express emotions without being cued and directed. So they go "primal" or "act out" to get the release of frustration, anger, or even just feel control over something because sub consciously they are not in control. When your child acts out at you, sit her down firmly. Look her in the eye and ask, "did you have a bad day today? Is something going on? If so, you have a right to be upset, but not the right to take it out on me. This can open communication, let them know they can talk to you and help your redirect the issue where the root of the problem really is. It could be in the home problems as well, either way. At 8, testing boundaries, wanting independence are also why they behave badly. How much can I do or not do before someone will hear me, help me or even spend quality one on one time with me.

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