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Gergana - posted on 09/23/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My teenage son is invading my privacy. He often enters in my room when i'm undressed or naked .It's like he knows when i do it . He also found a way to unlock the bathroom door from outside and enters when i shower for grabbing something and then leaves. Last time i was just finished with the shower and he entered appoligising that he needs to get quick shower and to go out to the movies with firend. He didn't waited for me to dry off and undressed himself completely naked.His penis became erected and i turned my back on him, grabbed a towel and quicky left. But i forgot my lotion and returned after a few minutes just to discover him masturbating .I was shocked and when he saw me , he came on the floor immediately. Whispering ,,Oh Mom ,i'm sorry , that you had to see this'' . I told him that i'm sorry too but it's natural for 14 years boy a not to be embarrased . After this incident he made me found him numerous times masturbating like he tried to do it on purpose to catch him. I confroted him about that a few days ago . I told him that 's it's natural but to do it in private. He confessed me he feels very bad about masturbating in general ,that he feels he sinned against God . We come from a christian familly, he founds it difficult to cum with all those feelings of guilt and shame ,and that's why subconsciously he is looking for my approval anytime. The only times he did it with satisfaction were those i caught him do it. He begged me to watch him do it. I was shocked ! I did not agree ,i told him i was not comfortable with that. Then he insisted for me to order him when to masturbate,to give him permission and to encourage him do it for him to be able to get rid off that feel of guilt and shame .I saw he was suffering ,he was like a sick person . My mother's heart melted and i told him to masturbate and i left the room. Now each time he informs me when he is masturbating.. He continues to beg me to watch him thaw ... I seriosly don't know waht to do anymore


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Sarah - posted on 09/23/2016




First, when you bathe, lock the door. If he comes in, hand down a serious consequence for violating your privacy, and holler at him to get out! He can masturbate in his room, privately... end of discussion. If he has issues with guilt? Like Dove says; get the kids some therapy. This is beyond inappropriate!

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