Problems already in Kindergarten!

Jennifer - posted on 09/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son turned 5 the day he started kindergarten. I know he is among the youngest in his class, and he is also the smallest, but he is so smart I knew it was time for him to be challenged more. The teacher says he does all of his work really well.

However, every single day he is given a frown face on his chart *which is the worst* for talking too much. I have been doing a consistent reward system as well as taking things away. It's working extremely well here at home...but he is still getting frowns every day for talking!

Is the teacher maybe overreacting, he IS only 5. Should I tell her not to tell me about it unless he does something serious. I mean come on, it's only been 3 weeks.

Anyone have similar issues??


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Rabecca - posted on 09/18/2009




Im having teh same problem with my daughter, shes in K and will be 6 in Nov. Ive had several notes sent home about talking and disrupting class. Shes been to the Office twice, and shes never gotten a green smiley all day ever.. often its red :( Shes in trouble again today because she was disruptive in class.. She does great on all her work, her spelling tests have been A's. (cept the one she talked through) We try encouraging her, punishing her, reminding her every moring. Its just not working.. My hubby and I cant agree on what do do, because I was that same kid my whole life..and he wasnt. Im 29 and I still cant work quietly!!! How do I force my 5yo to do it!

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I would have to say I can relate. My son is 5, almost 6 and first year in kindergarten. He is indeed the loudest most hyper kid there is in his class. His class has a bear system. If they act up or get called down they lose a bear - they only have 3 bears. Of course the first 3 weeks of school he lost them all EVERY day. I was getting concerned as well.... This is a decision the teacher has to make but the problem is we moms don't know what the teacher expects out of our child while they are in her care. My struggle was having to tell my son to respect and LISTEN to the teacher (it was hard because I don't like it when someone else tells my child what to do because most of the time I disagree). I didn't change anything in the home as far as behavior or rules went bc I didnt want him to dislike coming home after school. I wanted a HAPPY child when he got home. I just reinforced - you have got to listen to your teacher and be a bear keeper... you have got to. The next 2 weeks he never lost more than 1 bear and some days didnt lose any. We are on a track record now and I reward/praise him every day for such good behavior. Hes known as the BEARKEEPER.

I guess the trick is to figure out how you can get your son to obide by the teacher's rules while in her care ---- even if its just being quiet. I say focus on the positive, not the punishment/taking stuff away as much as rewarding and convincing him he CAN DO IT. :) Good Luck and dont question your ability to be a great mom!

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