Problems with my 10year old step son, This sounds really Bad but Im finding it hard to like him yet alone Love him,!His father and I have 2 children together, I have 2 children to a previous partner and he has 2 children to a previous partner. We are parents to 6 in total, we are raising 5 of the 6.I can't handle my step sons shrewd looks, his lies, his bad manners, his not wanting to shower, his laziness amongst many things he knows irritates us all including his father. We all need help. He is mentally affecting everyone in our household.We cant send him anywhere to any family members even for a weekend break as he has burnt his bridges with them all, stolen from them, treated them the same way he does to us.His mother walked out on him and took his sister, I have phoned her for her support with her son, she said


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