problems with my 4 year old..

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my daughter just turned 4 years old and she has a really bad attitudes like ones that a 4 year old shouldnt have. she even takes things from me without me knowing even when we go to the store i have to keep her right beside me i cant take my eyes off her cause she steals from stores to and i dont understand where she would learn that from. i dont know till later on when i see her with them or catch her with them.. iv tried disciplining her but she dont take to well on that and she still does the same thing after.. i dont know what to do with her.does that make me a bad mom to not know what to do with her?


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That does not make you a bad mom! Try to let go of that!

But that being said, act quickly and with force.

Starting tomorrow every time he misbehaves, I mean anything thing at all, put her in a time out and take away a privilege (a toy, tv time, a play date she wants, anything!) make sure she doesn't get attention (be it positive or negative).

Every single time she acts out take something away. And be quick and cold about it, no yelling, no fighting.

And also reward her, when she does something nice she gets something back! For example if she lets her friend borrow a toy or does something helpful say "I'm so proud of your good behaviors honey, you get your doll back" and give her lots of attention. Hugs play time take her for an adventure.

At 4 her goal is attention, primarily yours. Makes sure she gets lots of it for good behavior and none of it for bad behavior.

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