Problems with my son behaviour or something else .

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Hello I'm a newby on here and I'm sorry if this is going to be a long post but Im looking for some advice.
My son he's 6 years old and since he was a baby he's been different, he met all the miles stones from baby to toddler and seemed to be ahead for his year, well at home he was ,the problem started when he was at school. When he started nursery he was ok when I left him, but would cry half way through his lesson and hide under the tables and scream at the top of his voice, which I was told disturbed the class ,which I know it would of , he was quite poorly when he was in nursery but he now has been diagnosed with allergies and asthma. Any hoo my son has always blown things out of proportion like if he'd fall over he'd blame whoever was stood next to him and scream and cry for ages, he also if anyone asked him if he would like something they were trying to give him,he would just turn away and not look, which then the person would think he didn't like or want and then he would get upset, and even in his nursery they didn't understand and they would leave him out ,he wasn't doing it be naughty, I can't say why he used to do it, he was usually a very chatty boy who would talk for ages with anyone. we just thought it was just him.thought he would grow out of it.
Now he is older I find that he finds it hard to believe what's fact or fiction, he believes everything is real like giants, monsters etc even if it's out of a book that's been read to him. He got upset in a school assembly once because they were talking about rememberance Sunday and that the Poppy's are for the soldiers that died in the war, he crys at films when he thinks someone is lost, or they can't find there mum and dad. We tell him this and that isn't real but he doesn't belive us.
We have moved schools as he was getting bullied by s boy in his class and the teachers were no help . 4 weeks he has been at this school and it was the happiest he has been , his work has improved loads , until this week, he keeps saying the children make fun of his work, and take the mick because he has a vest in PE, and wind him up, but I just don't know if my son thinks that things the children are sayng things to get at him ,like at the other school but my son won't just shrug it off, he will start back with the winding up etc but he gets caught doing it. The teacher came to see me after school to say he had a bad morning , my son just kept shouting and crying saying there all blaming me , and was saying all the other boys were doing it to me, but the teacher did say they do wind each other up and that he must be the one getting caught, which yes that maybe be true, kids are kids, but my son takes it all,to heart and because of the problems at his other school he thinks it's starting again so he goes In all defensive.
My son is great at home and behaves well , as well as outside, but it's just in school I am worried about. As I'm not sure about his school work either as I know he's great at doing one to one, but if left on his own I think he would just be doing his own thing.
I've also noticed that when he reads he cannot sit still, I constantly have to remind him to sit still, but when he's writing he's fine but does makes mistakes that he knows he shouldn't but he is only 6.
He knows right from wrong but he still just won't stop if he's wound up and his anger is getting worse, he cried for an hour the other day because I'd ask him to do something which I thought he hasn't heard me so asked him again , and bit my head off, and he was having a go at his dad saying that he blames everything on him too. I don't know where he gets half of what he says or does from.
I'm just worriedhe has got some sort of learning difficulty , and if I don't act now, he's just going to get passed off as a unruly child and not one that needs extra help.
Sorry this post is so long.


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Has he ever been evaluated by the school or privately? If not, it would probably help quite a bit if he was seen by a certified school psychologist or private psychologist to help determine the specific nature of his difficulties, and receive recommendations of how to best help him at school and home. He sounds stressed out... I agree with you that now is the time to take action and see what you can find out. If he does have an identified learning issue or emotional issue, then you will have a direction to go. Good luck!

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