procreation impasses

Jess - posted on 06/22/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Me and my husband have been married for just about 4 years now , and we are stuck in this never ending loop of a impasse of when we should start our family. Personal I'm ready i've been ready for a couple years now, i finished my degree were in a stable place, i have a well paying job ( enough to keep the whole house of 2 afloat with 3 animals). However, my husband for the last two years has told me that hes ready if happens but hes not going to let it happen on purpose. hes told me he doesn't know when he'll be ready for a plan. but he knows that it wont be for a while or if ever, and thats the part that scares me the most and i have no idea what to do. this man is what i believe 100% is my soul mate and i dont want to lose him, thats why i need to know if i should suck it up and wait or come to terms with not never expanding our family or forbid leave. please help.

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