Pros and Cons of having only one child.

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I am the difficult to conceive type. I only got pregnant after trying for 4 years. Now my boy is almost 2 and I have quit my job about a year ago to take care of him.

I have started trying to have a second child a few months after I delivered my boy buy it has been more than a year now and I am still not pregnant.

I love to have a career but I also want to play an active role in bringing up my child. I could not strike a balance between my job and my family so I decided to quit.

Soon, my boy will be able to attend nursery school. I am thinking that I do not want another child anymore if my boy starts going to school because I will want to go back to work.

Can anyone who is an only child or has only one child shares her opinion on this?



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I have a daughter at home that is being raised as an only child as her brothers are now adults. I have to say that having just one child is more time consuming for me as she wants me to play with her all the time. There is no one for her to play with so she seeks me out all the time to entertain her. I think there is a lot to be said that an only child is a lonely child.

Although I have no intention of having any more children I do feel sorry for her. I am sure when she is at school all day things will be easier. I do have more time for my daughter and we do a lot more together. She is very bright and very inquisative. Luckily she is a very happy contented child and she has the full attention of mum and dad.

I have bought her a puppy which she loves and she plays out in the garden with him and loves to take him out for a walk. I dont think she realises that she is missing out on having a brother or sister. She is happy to be an only child.

If you dont want any more children then dont worry about it. Your son does not know any difference than being an only child. You adapt to what ever situation you are in!

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