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So since having my son nine months ago I promised my little one I would support him & teach him & love him no matter whàt! I didnt realize he had plans to hit every milestone early and never give us a chance to catch our breath! Haha right after he was born he scored a nine Apgar test then five minutes later he scored a perfect ten. We had a rough pregnancy and labor, but a wonderful birth! We were told he looked like a c-section baby, he was beautiful and perfect. He was holding his head up and even picked his head up off my moms shoulder, turned and look directly at me after he heard me talking... He was only an hour old! It was truly amazing! After getting him home right away we knew our son was going to be a handful he was always very alert and active! He started hitting his milestones early and even started talking early! Now at nine months he's starting to run, he says four sentences, a handful of words, and he understands a lot more than he's been giving credit for! According to his doctor he is an advanced child, but most importantly he's healthy! His main 'health' problem has been acid reflux and ear infections caused by his acid reflux. Other than that he's a perfectly healthy 29 1/2 inch & 19.12 pound nine month old! I can say through a rough pregnancy and labor it has always been worth it to have my little miracle, but to know he is a beautiful, smart, and healthy child makes me not only proud, but truly blessed!
I love my son more than anything in the world... I couldn't ask for more!


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Jessica Bennett - - posted on 01/16/2012




Update on Peyton, he talks more & more now! It's been so much fun, hes ten months old now he has such a big vocabulary now we've lost count haha and he does say quite a few sentences as well. He's learning colors and names of animals. This has got to be the most fun age! We are loving every minute! He's def picking up on everything he hears & it's so sweet! I am so proud but most of all my love for Peyton continues to grow & I'm thanking God for everyday I get with him!!!

His acid reflux is doing a lot better! And he had tubes in his ears Jan 3 but has another double ear infection. So we are a little worried about that, but other than that he is doing wonderful! He's 30 1/2 inches long & weighs 21 pounds now!!! And his eyes just might be turning to hazel like mine which is pretty exciting too! Lol I am truly blessed with an amazing gift!!!

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Renae got 10 and 10. I had a caesar and she apparently had foetal distress.

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That's wonderful!!! I was so surprised when my son had great head control it threw me off when my daughter was so floppy lol. It's wonderful to have healthy happy babies isn't it? especially after such a difficult pregnancy!

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First of all I am glad your happy. Second of all APGAR is a score not a test, most babies are given a 9 or 10. It is also not unusual for newborns to be able to move their head, what qualifies as head control is being able to hold it up turn it 45 degrees and then go the other way 45 degrees.

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