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Taylor - posted on 08/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Something I'm not really proud of is getting pregnant at 15. I was dumb and what I thought was love, turned out to be betrayal. He wanted to have a son with me, he told me he'd be there for me. Well, I didn't have anything coming from my family so I thought it would be easier to just start my own. I would have unconditional love from my son and that's something I didn't have from anyone else.
So right after my 16 birthday, I went to see my OB-GYN and I was about 4 months along already. I knew I was pregnant from the start. I took multiple pregnancy tests and I showed my mom but she was in a state of denial. So now I have my baby boy who was born in December. I had a C-section a month early due to high blood pressure and seizures. I took Keppra XR when I was pregnant, which causes birth defects. The neurologist wouldn't take me off of it. She said it's what is keeping me alive, which I believe that is a bunch of BS but doctor's orders I guess.
So my son is now 7 months old and his father buys diapers and wipes. We get baby food and formula from WIC. But, his father does not work, therefore his parents are truly paying for the diapers and wipes. My parents will not let me work due to my son's father not working. Right after I had my son I was working, supporting my son and giving my ex-boyfriend gas money because I cannot drive due to seizures.
So now I'm a single teenage mom going to an online school trying to get a high school diploma so I can actually make something out of my life. Stupidity in your past effects your future. But I am grateful to have my son. He's made me a better person, a responsible parent.
I joined this site because I need some support, as a first time mom and I'm always wondering if my son is developing okay. I'm a worry bug. But thanks for reading my rambles and I can't wait to help support you other mommies out there! :)


Tami - posted on 08/12/2012




oh you sweet child! i have an 18 yr old she is about to be a mommy! but she has been blessed with a lot of support and a fantastic man to share her baby with

im sorry your baby has a loser for a daddy. i hope you have a wonderful support system in your parents.

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