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What should I say to my child when she has puberty,how can I show my support?


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By letting her know that you understand what she's going through, that you have been through it as well.

Let her know that you will be there for her, support, to talk to, to ask questions, etc, and encourage her to learn about her new-found 'woman hood'.

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Time for a day with Mom! Take her out and make a day for just you and her. Bake a small cake or have one made and present it to her on your day out -celebrating the young woman she is becoming. My mother did this when I hit puberty and I have always remembered it. My husband and I were foster parents back in the states (we are also a Marine Corps family and unfortunately we are now stationed in Okinawa, Japan and cant foster here) and we have had a few girls come through going through or about to hit puberty. We always made it a point that that young woman gets to spend the day with me and we celebrate her new self. Make sure you discuss how she is loved and appreciated and how she can always come to you with any questions and how you will be open to answer them and if you don't know the answer you will find it. Make it a fun day and plan ahead a couple of things to surprise her with-not presents per say (unless you want to) but fun things to do. Like getting your hair done or nails or toes done together. Going for ice cream or going to play putt putt together or going somewhere you can both talk but have fun doing it. Make it Her day! Make it special and she won't forget how her mom celebrated with her. Also a nice card at the end of the day, stating how you enjoyed watching her grow up into this beautiful young woman and how you are proud of her and all her accomplishments and cant wait to see the future woman she becomes...Hope this helps-good luck

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