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Yesterday my 20mth old stood on a huge tack at our local play gym. It was a kids clothing pin tack that had fallen off some other kids jeans I think.
On a previous visit my 4 yr old got kicked in the head accidentally by a bigger kid who still had his shoes on. He was probably 9 yrs old, so way too old to be in there in the first place. When I said something politely to this kids mother, she started abusing me for being racist against Europeans? It ended in me crying to the local security guard.
So my question is, do you go to these play gyms or avoid them? I can't decide whether they are a good thing or not. And why can't other mums play by the rules?


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Katherine - posted on 10/12/2011




WOW!!!! I have one here and it's clean, safe and fun. That's a horrible experience to have. Mine is geared toward infant to 4 years and I can't believe your children had such bad luck.
I wouldn't write them off per say, but I definitely wouldn't go to that one anymore.

Bonnie - posted on 10/12/2011




They are fun for the kids, but really not all that safe and full of germs. We have taken our kids a few times to one here and I never see any staff walking around to make sure everything is going okay. There are signs around it saying no running, but the bigger kids still run and push other kids around. Who even knows if they EVER clean the stuff or check things out. The last time we took our kids, they got sick a few days later. I am pretty sure it was from the germs there. It will probably be a very long time before we go back.

Danielle - posted on 10/11/2011




I go sometimes, but I have been the kind of mother who will not shy away if a parent is not paying attention to their child.
I will discipline someone else's kid in public if their parents are to negligent to pay attention. There has been instances where I have reminded children to slow down, to play nice, and to share. I have interrupted parents when they are to busy sipping coffee and texting, or having "Mommy group" with their friend. I usually try to be polite about it, but it is kind of in a "kill em with kindness" kind of way.
I also have filed complaints with the establishment if they are not enforcing their own rules...because, hell, what are they there for if no one is following them.

It reminds me of a time we went, and a child got stuck in a tube. He was screaming bloody murder, and still his mother didn't recognize his cry, and no one even tried to locate the child. I ended up standing on chair and screamed "HEY, SOMEONES KID IS STUCK HERE", and then finally someone came scurrying away from their friends to get their kid.

Some people are ridiculous.

Amy - posted on 10/11/2011




I try to avoid them at all costs, I think they're full of germs and like you already stated you end up with kids who are way to old to be there or kids who are way to rough, and the parents are usually to engrossed with a book/phone/friend to pay any attention to what their kids are actually doing. With that being said I know my kids are going to be exposed to germs other places so there isn't much I can do and my 5 year old loves them. Usually I try to avoid that end of the mall but it's not always possible so I give my son a time limit usually 15 minutes, if they're are a lot of kids or he thinks someone is being too rough he asks to leave which is just fine with me!

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