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Sandra - posted on 04/10/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




The NY Times just wrote an article about the town I live in (Union City) and how great the public school system is. But the article also said the city is filled with immigrants and poor people. Am I wrong for being offended instead of jumping for joy like other parents were? They were more excited that the city was in the NY Times as opposed to being offended by being called poor and an immigrant. I


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I don't know why you would be offended. Union City IS, statistically speaking, poor, and they do have higher than average minority populations. The article is not trying to stigmatize the town, it stated facts. In fact, if the city hadn't been poor and heavily populated by non-english speaking immigrants, it would not have made the news. It is not hard to have a great school system when you have wealthy, educated parents with lots of time on their hands. The poverty and immigrant population are important key points to this story--The biggest excuse that failing schools usually have to offer for their failure are poverty and language barriers. When you take a school system that has to face those obstacles and STILL manages to create a great system, you have news. You have proof that you don't have to be in a wealthy area to attend a good public school, or to create a good public school. That is very important.


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Jodi - posted on 04/11/2013




Do you mean this article?

I see nothing offensive about that. I teach in a school in a low socio-economic area. I also live in area. I don't find it offensive for my area to be referred to as such when they refer to the school's clientele. After all, it is statistically correct. Just because *I* live here and am doing okay, doesn't mean I represent the average.

If anything, you should be really pleased that you have the school you have!

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