public vs private school choices

Leyla-marie - posted on 04/03/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm 12 and i have been to both private school and public and so for a report i decided as this for my topic which is better for your child and i have researched many cites with new info ever time and i thought with that info i could help people choose the right school for their child.

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Dove - posted on 04/03/2016




I will tell you what I would tell my own children if they were trying to be on this site at 12... get off the computer and go play.

I do respect that you have your own experiences and ideas about this topic, but there are way too many factors involved in that decision that there is no way any parent is going to take the advice of some random 12 year old when it comes to what is best for them and their children.

Sarah - posted on 04/03/2016




Leyla, this sort of paper is not appropriate for a parenting forum. I respect your opinions and experience but you cannot have the research skills to advise parents as to how to educate their parents. This sort of research would need a control group, test scores, social outcomes, bullying rates, drop out rates, graduation from high school rates. It would be massive project. Good luck in the future

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