pull out method?

Mary - posted on 04/06/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




In all honesty, I'm 16. I had sex for the first time, and like an idiot I went without protection. Instead we used the "pull out" method. Twice in one night to be exact. Its been almost 2 weeks and curiosity and worrying got to me so I did research and seen its not always effective, so I then downloaded an app to track fertility and just my luck, we had sex while I was fertile as heck! I'm terrified to be honest, but even though I think he didn't cum inside of me, is it still possible? Iv felt sick the last few days and have thrown up 7 times but it could just be my imagination playing ticks.


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Raye - posted on 04/08/2015




Anytime you have unprotected sex you could get pregnant. The pull-out method is not that reliable. Take a test... or two to be sure. If you're not pregnant, then be smarter about it in the future. Use condoms EVERY time and/or get on the pill, or stop having underage sex.

Ledia - posted on 04/07/2015




How long you need to wait depends on the test you choose. Most tests will be accurate a day or two after your period was supposed to start. There are a lot of tests now that can be accurate up to a week before your period is supposed to start.

When you take the test, you need to take it first thing in the morning--the VERY first time you pee that day. If you are very early in your pregnancy, you can get a false negative if you do it later in the day. False negatives are very common, false positive's are pretty much impossible, but I do think they can occasionally happen if you have a defective test. If you get a positive, take another test the next day--if you try again the same day, you will may get a false negative on the second test.

Jodi - posted on 04/07/2015




Of course it is still possible. It is ALWAYS possible to get pregnant if you have sex, even WITH birth control because there is no 100% effective birth control method.

Take a test and see how you go. But advice, right now, get on birth control and USE IT PROPERLY (I emphasised the last bit because MOST pregnancies on birth control are because people don't get it right). Don't have sex again until you are properly protected.

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