pump milk then dump for 48hrs help

Keli - posted on 11/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was prescribed metrodonizole for an infection and I need to pump then dump my milk for 48 hrs. I'm scared that my two month old will lose interest in the breast if I give her a bottle. Is that likely to happen over a 48 hr period or am I too worried? Also are there any ways to help ensure she won't lose interest in breast feeding? Very curios..


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Sarah - posted on 11/08/2014




I agree with Chet, ask your pediatrician or a lactation consultant if you really NEED to pump and dump. Pharmacists and even your own OB/gyne may just not know, and will tell you not to nurse out of lack of information.
If you do have to follow through, at 2 months you will most likely be fine. I had to stop for 36 hours when my daughter was 3 days old due to jaundice. I was terrified, but she came right back to nursing.

Chet - posted on 11/08/2014




Who told you that you had to pump and dump? My understanding is that metrodonizole is safe for nursing mothers, at least at certain doses. I would double check the advice that you've been given with InfantRisk or MotherRisk or some other organization that has up to date information.

A lot of people tell mothers not to nurse or to pump and dump simply because they don't know and think that's the safest option - often not at all considering the impact of a disruption in nursing to a very young baby.

It's impossible to say how a 48 break in nursing will go. It really depends on the baby. If you've been nursing for two months with no issues though, that will help. A disruption in nursing would be more likely to cause problems with a baby who has had trouble establishing a good nursing relationship.

Do you have enough breastmilk already expressed for the 48 hours?

Has your baby had bottles before?

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