Punishing a 15 month old girl??

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I have 15 month old twin girls, how do you go about punishing them when they do something they are not suppose to? Examples: They like to squeeze themselves behind the tv where all the cords are and play back there, my husband and I tell them "no" and bring them back out. Next thing you know they are squeezing themselves back behind the tv again. One of them has started biting and hitting everyone when she gets frustrated. They both have started throwing tantrums when they do not get their way. When my husband and I try to scold them 9 times out of 10 they just laugh at us, they think its funny. Then we tried to put them in time out in their cribs, we would take everything out of the crib and move everything away that is in arms reach and close the door. We would go back in after 5 minutes and find them either jumping on their crib or some how entertaining themselves to where they don't care that they are in time out. Every type of punishment we have tried has failed, they either laugh at us or find a way to entertain themselves while in time out. Does anyone have any age appropriate punishment ideas?!?!


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Time out works great at this age. Constant and consistent redirection (even though you feel like you've done it 12,000 times already and they should have it figured out)

Time out should happen in a chair, or stool, within your view, so that you can correct and restart as necessary. Time out for that age should be about a minute or 1.5 minutes. Time only counts if they're sitting quietly.

And try to catch them BEFORE they do something, such as crawl behind the TV. When they bite/hit, calmly redirect them, telling them "this is NOT OK, and you are not allowed to hit/bite", followed up with time out.

This will be a battle...because they're toddlers. You have to be more stubborn than they are!


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We don't use time outs at all. And like Jodi said, even if you do use them, 15 months is way too young.

Figure out a way to make that space inaccessible. With toddlers the best thing to do is to make the bad choices difficult or impossible.

Ditto on redirection and ignoring tantrums.

Also, watch for tantrum triggers. Especially with kids this young, there is often a pattern of being tired, hungry, frustrated or overstimulated.

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Find a way to prevent them squeezing their way in there. Ignore the tantrums. Redirect. You don't need to "punish" and they are too young for time out.

Crystal - posted on 07/15/2014




Thank you SO much! We are new parents so this is all very very new and hard for us. Your post definitely helped!

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