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Barbara - posted on 10/31/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hy moms out there. My name is Barbara from switzerland, so sorry for my worst english. I wanna talk about the punishment of our kids. My oldest son David is 12, as a little child he was a nice boy. Verry frindly and he helps other people. But since he is growing up, he start stealing money from my husband, as a strong mother i grounded him for 1 week. It doesent stop, yesterday i saw him smoking, that was to much, i bent him over my knee and gave him some swats at his pants. He start crying, and start saying sorry.. Im not shure if it was ringht? What would you do? Greetings Barbara


Jodi - posted on 10/31/2015




The first thing you do is find out where he is getting the cigarettes from. A spanking is not appropriate punishment for smoking. It is hardly a logical consequence. Find out where the cigarettes are coming from. If it is illegal for him to purchase them in your country, report the person selling them to him or providing them. Make sure you don't have any money in the house accessible to your child. Ground him from ANY unsupervised activities (he can't buy cigarettes or smoke them if he is appropriately supervised). Ask yourself how he is getting this unsupervised time to do these things. He has given you grounds for a bag search and a room search - confiscate anything that is inappropriate, including the lighter he must have used to light the cigarette. And keep him on a VERY tight leash.

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