PUPPS at 41 weeks!?

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and looking for some sound advice. This is my first pregnancy, I am expecting a boy, and I am now about a week overdue. Yep, I'm 41 weeks! So I know the end is in sight. My pregnancy has been fairly uneventful, and for that I am super thankful. What I did walk away with was carpal tunnel (achy hands!), stretch marks that didn't appear until my 9th month, and just this morning....PUPPS! My tummy has been itching for about 2 weeks, but the little red bump break out didn't happen until this morning. I immediately rushed to see my midwife, who confirmed it. And it seems to be a mild case (compared to some of the pictures I've seen online!) But even with the "mild case," it is horribly itchy when it flares up and I'm terrified of it spreading, should I have to wait another week for baby to arrive. What is the deal with it coming on so late?? Has anyone ever seen this? I feel like I could have avoided this altogether with a timely delivery, Sheesh. I'm running out to the store first thing tomorrow to grab some dandelion root, and I'm smothered in a baking soda paste as we speak. I don't want it to spread!!!


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I delivered my son a week earlier than my due date, and I had PUPPS at the very end too. I didn't take note of the exact week it started, but it really was roughly in the last 2 weeks prior to delivery, and--as itchy as it was--it actually felt worse in the week AFTER delivery. I was in tears, I was ready to rip my skin off. I literally went shopping for the biggest, softest underwear I could find so it wouldn't aggravate my crawly, itchy skin. So we went to the OB/GYN for a follow-up appointment less than a week after delivery and she prescribed Claritin, which seemed to resolve it.

I feel for ya... that was misery! I don't know that you could have avoided anything with delivering on time...it was already happening in your body. You would hope that once you have the baby, the problem would move along too, but delivery didn't solve it for me. Maybe for you it will! I don't know the science behind it. But don't hesitate to get some medication to alleviate it if the dr ok's it. You want to be able to focus on and enjoy your new little guy. Congratulations and hope all goes well with the birth! :)

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